Wholesale diamonds? Where are they?

As I research diamonds and diamond prices I am surprised by how many places offer diamonds at wholesale prices or wholesale diamonds. Better yet, why is it that many stores who offer diamonds at wholesale sell their diamonds for much more than Blue Nile and other high traffic jewelry stores.

I have also noticed through my research that a lot of you are searching for wholesale diamonds because the term comes up in the search engines a lot. I have spent hundreds of hours looking at diamond prices and stores and have yet to come across the magical website where you can get diamonds at the same price that big chain stores buy them. My guess is that it doesn’t exist. If you find it let me know.

For now I will stick with recommending my readers to go to Blue Nile first and find what they want and then compare with every diamond site that they can find. You are not going to beat the price for the diamond. They buy in such bulk that they get great rates. Last year they outsold Tiffany & Co., Diamond.com, Ashford.com, Zales.com and ICE.com's online sales COMBINED. That says a lot about how much business they do.