Used diamonds, an untapped market ...maybe.

Buying a used diamond is a topic that you don't see covered on the internet, but it has its place. Just like anything you buy, you can usually get a better deal if you buy it used. The problem with buying a used diamond is that unless it has a certificate (and is the same diamond) you are even more at the mercy of the seller.

Then why do it!

Well most people don't. Plus there is the added stigma of buying a used diamond for your loved one. Many people do use diamonds from their deceased family members rings which are technically used. So if you don't mind getting your loved one a family heirloom ...from some other family you might get a deal.

The advantage of buying a used diamond is that a diamond is already thousands of years old and a few more year with a previous owner will do little to ruin the diamond.


Update -

I recently came across a website called I Do Now I Don't. They sell used engagement rings from people who have broken off their engagement and are now looking to sell the ring. I have never done business with this site but I like the idea. From what I have read they seem to be offering a legitimate service. Take a look.


Where to look

Word of warning

You are opening pandora's box when you buy a used diamond. You need to find a reputable jeweler who can give you the most help possible.