Tiffany Diamonds - You will get a great piece of jewelry and will pay for it.

Tiffany diamonds are the best known in the industry. Tiffany's offers high quality diamonds and beautiful settings backed by a great warranty. They also offer branded or proprietary cut diamonds like Zale's and Helzberg.

So what is wrong with buying from Tiffany's?

Nothing, if you can afford it and the Tiffany name is important to you. You will be paying around double the price of a comparable piece of jewelry elsewhere.

Can I get a diamond that is just as good as a Tiffany's diamond from somewhere else for cheaper?

Yes you can. Tiffany's offers quality cut diamonds that are comparable to AGS certified diamonds that score 0-2 grade. You can find this by looking at the certificate on an AGS graded diamond. Since you are educated and are only going to be buying certified diamonds you will be able to look at the certificate and see how it compares to a Tiffany diamond.

Tiffany's only carries diamonds that have a clarity rating of VS2 or better and color that is I or better.