What you should know about shopping for diamonds at Kay Jewelers.

Kay Jewelers is currently approaching having 1000 stores across the country. Many of these stores are found in malls and are well known by the general public. Kay Jewelers is the number one jewelry store in America. They mass market low cost jewelry to window shoppers who know little about buying quality diamonds.

Kay Jewelers does not sell diamonds on the internet but since they are common in most areas of the United States they should be included in a review of jewelry stores.

Things to watch for when shopping at Kay Jewelers:

There is a reason why their stores are the best lit stores in the mall. They have high quality lighting that is designed to make the diamonds sparkle as much as possible. If you are looking at one of their pieces I would recommend taking it out of the store to see what it will look like under normal lighting conditions.

Many of their diamond rings come pre mounted with center diamonds. Some of the diamonds are certified and some are not. Their hope is that you will walk in and see a setting you like and buy it with the diamond that is already in it. This is usually not a good practice. I highly recommend buying a certified diamond loose and then finding a setting for it. You will get a better diamond and a better price.

Before buying a diamond ring from Kay Jewelers I would do my research about the specifications of the ring and diamond you are looking at. Have the salesperson write down all of the details about the diamond so that you can compare them with online prices. I will assure you that unless you are buying a very low quality diamond buying from one of my recommend stores will be a much better deal.

If you really like one of their settings or you want to do business locally with them I would recommend buying a diamond online and then taking it to them to have it mounted. When you give your ring or loose diamond to anyone for work make sure you check it when you get it back to make sure no mistakes were made when dealing with your diamond. The best way to do this is to look very closely at your diamond, maybe even with a loupe, and notice the pattern of inclusions in the diamond. Compare it with the certificate if it shows the pattern of inclusions. This is too much of an investment to just take someone who works at the mall's word for it.