Don't pay a Jewelry store's heating, lighting and rent with your Diamond purchase.

Owning a jewelry store is a tough business. They have to pay for their store as well as a few salesmen to work the floor. The items that they are selling are very expensive and they will probably only make a few sales a day if any. That means that when they do sell something it must provide them with enough money to cover their expenses for the day.

That means YOU are paying for the expenses of the jewelry store as well as your diamond.

A jewelry store also faces another problem that they pass on to you. They only buy a few diamonds at a time. Diamond buying is just like any other business, the more they buy the lower the price. Small town stores may only buy 30 diamonds a year which means they will not get as good a price on those diamonds.

Many of the diamonds that a jewelry store has on hand are not of great quality and may not be certified. They are targeting the hapless buyer who comes in off the street window shopping. This person probably doesn't know the difference between cut and color.

If you go into a store with a specific diamond in mind they will probably be able to order it for you. Since they will only be ordering one diamond from their supplier they will definitely not be getting as good a price as an online supplier.

But not you! You are not going to get taken by fancy lighting and pushy sales people. You are educated.

Now that you know not to buy at a jewelry store read Why Buy Online.

If you are still considering buying at a jewelry store please read the Diamond Scams page to educate yourself.