Read this before you buy a diamond at Jared Jewelers

If you are looking to buy a diamond or diamond engagement ring at Jared's there are a few things you should know.

First for the positive things, Jared's has an excellent loose diamond search function. It allows you to search and sort diamonds that meet your criteria. After you select the diamond you are interested in you can then see the real image of that diamond and also see the real certificate that goes with that diamond. These are great features that allow the shopper to gain valuable information.

Jared Jewelers offers a moderate selection of settings. They have many different collections of jewelry. These include the Leo Diamond Collection, Love's Embrace, Journey, Le Vian and Open Hearts by Jane Seymour to name a few. Jewelry stores usually like to have a few different collections that they can use as marketing tools to help them create something unique in the jewelry world.

For all of their positive aspects there is one major negative. The prices of their diamonds are quite high compared to other online diamond retailers.

For a comparison we will look at two nearly identical diamonds. One of the diamonds from Blue Nile and one from Jared Jewelers and see how the costs compare.


Jared Jewelers Blue Nile
Diamond weight 1 ct 1 ct
Cut Very good Excellent
Color G G
Clarity VS1 VS1
Symmetry Very Good EX
Polish Very Good EX
Price $9,000 $6,848

*prices are constantly changing so check for current prices.

As you can see these are not exactly the same diamonds. The diamond from Blue Nile has a better cut, polish and symmetry. Yet this diamond is $2,000 cheaper. Before you think I cherry picked this comparison feel free to compare the specifications that you are searching for and I can assure you that Blue Nile will be a better deal. They have a lower price because they are larger diamond buyer and can get a better deal.

Since both web sites allow you to see the certificate of the diamond you are interested in, I would recommend using the information off of the certificate to make comparisons. Jared Jewelers sometimes uses terms that are not the same as the ones on the certificate.