Read this before you buy a Helzberg Diamond.

Buying a Helzberg diamond is not the best deal you can get. Helzberg is a jewelry store much like Zale's. They have their own signature diamond called a Radiant star diamond. They also sell diamond jewelry that doesn't have an exact cut, color and clarity rating given when shopping on the internet.

My major complaint with buying Helzberg diamonds off the internet is the lack of information that they provide about each piece. It is hard to comparison shop with other sites when you don't know the quality of diamond that you are looking at. On many of their diamond rings they don't even give a range of color or clarity that you might receive.

Let's compare a Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece Engagement ring with a similar Blue Nile ring.

Helzberg Blue Nile
Diamond weight 1 ct 1 ct
Cut hearts & arrows Excellent
Color G-H G
Clarity VS1-VS2 VS1
Symmetry EX EX
Polish EX EX
Band Width ? 2.5mm
Setting 18k White gold 18k White gold
Prongs 4 6
Prong metal ? Platinum
Price $9,999 $7,574

*prices are constantly changing so check current prices.

That is a 25% savings!!!

Since the Helzberg website won't give you all of the information or gives you a range of quality you will get with your diamond engagement ring. I chose to compare it to a Blue Nile ring at the top of all the quality ranges.

It becomes very clear that the Blue Nile ring is a much better deal and a better diamond. Keep in mind these are certified by the same company so this is an exact apples to apples comparison. The only thing unfair here is that Helzberg doesn't give you the cut quality on their website but I doubt it is better than Excellent.

Please click on the company names and compare for yourself.

Always know the exact specifications of a diamond before you purchase it.

Their Radiant star cut diamond has 145 facets compared to a normal round cut diamond with 58 facets. By adding more facets it can disperse the light in more directions. If you are interested in purchasing one of these diamonds I would recommend that you look at one in person first. I have seen a few diamonds that have increased facets to try and make them look like they sparkle more but I have always thought that they look like windshield glass on the highway. With so many facets the diamond loses its normal cut diamond appearance and looks like shattered glass.

I can not recommend buying diamonds from the Helzberg diamond website because of the lack of information, poor selection, lack of high quality diamonds and non-competitive price with other leading websites.

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