Why buy Diamonds Online? Why not!

First lets look at the "big three" benefits of buying diamonds online.

Selection - Stores like Blue Nile carry 35,000 round diamonds. You can't get that kind of selection in the mall.

Price - You can search anywhere: offline or online and you will always see that reputable online stores have prices that can't be beaten

Service - When you call a reputable online dealer you will be talking to someone who knows diamonds as well as the internet and retail business. If they don't, find another place to shop.

With all that said. There are definitely some places on the internet where you don't want to buy diamonds. If you find a diamond that you want at Jake's-World-of-Diamonds.com and you will only save $15.00, and their web site looks like it was built by a fifth grader, Don't do it! Remember what I said about diamond security.

When it comes to buying a diamond online from a reputable dealer there is only one disadvantage. You can't hold the diamond in your hand before you buy it. But let me ask you this.

When was the last time you held a diamond in your hand and had even the slightest clue of what you were looking at. It could be a piece of glass for all you know.

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