Diamond Size - The one number people know.

When it comes to diamond size, especially for an engagement ring, there are lots of theories and concepts as to how big the diamond should be. I think it all depends on where you grew up and what your family was like. I know a lot of people who believe that the diamond must be at least one carat.

I know other people who have probably never even seen a one carat diamond except in a movie or on TV. So the carat weight of the diamond will have a lot to do with you and your fiancee's expectations of what size is appropriate.

Keep this in mind: The one technical aspect that most everyone knows about diamonds is size. So people will always ask about the size when they see the new diamond. People will never ask about the clarity or color of the diamond because they won't understand your informed answer.

Tip: As diamonds get bigger their price goes up dramatically. Meaning a 1 carat diamond is not twice the price of a .5 carat diamond. Also the apparent difference in size does not hold with carat weight. Meaning a 1 carat diamond will not tend to look twice as big as a .5 carat diamond. Conclusion, a one carat diamond will cost considerably more than a .5 carat diamond but will not look that much bigger. The same holds true for a 2 carat compared to a 1 carat and, so on.

Another tip! If you must have a one carat diamond or at least tell everyone you got a one carat diamond and you want to save some money get a diamond that is just a shade under a carat. Like .975 carats. The price drops a significant amount if the diamond is under the magical 1 carat mark. So if you don't mind rounding a little and saying it is 1 carat I won't tell.


To wrap up. Diamond size is an important factor when deciding on a ring because it will be the number that follows the diamond around for the rest of its life.


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