Diamond Shape - Don't get it wrong!

The first step in getting a diamond is to decide what shape you want. Keep in mind diamond shape is different than cut. Shape is the actual shape of the diamond. Every shape could have a different quality of cut.

There are many shapes of diamonds available but by far the most common is round brilliant. This is always a safe bet when you are not sure of what to get. Since it is so common the price and selection will be good no matter where you go. A round brilliant cut is also the most brilliant cut you can get. Since it has radial symmetry it has no dead spots where light can leak out. (If it is cut right)

Diamond shape

The shape of the diamond that you get will affect the price you will pay for the diamond. Interestingly, fancy cut stones are often less expensive than the round cut diamonds. This applies to princess cut stones. Since a princess cut stone more closely matches the natural shape of a raw diamond the cutter doesn't have to cut away as much material to get the princess shape. Thus they can get a bigger diamond out of the same sized stone compared to a round cut.

Price is also influenced by the popularity of certain shapes. If oval is the trend for the year then oval diamonds will go up in price.

If you are still wondering about what shape to get, Blue Nile keeps a list of recently sold diamonds so you can get a feel for what other people are buying.

Blue Nile's recently sold diamonds.

If you are in the market for a really unique shape or cut of diamond you might want to take a look at the list of patented diamond cuts. See here

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