The 5 "S"s of Diamond Buying

Most everyone has heard of the four "C"s of diamond buying. They are cut, color, carat, clarity. Using the four "C"s works great if you are a jeweler or you are going to give the diamond to someone who is a jeweler.

I broke down the diamond buying process into steps that real people take when buying a diamond. If you use these steps I am sure you can quickly come to a decision on what the best diamond is for you.

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Shape: Chances are the person you are buying this stone for already has a certain shape of diamond in mind.

Size: You or the person you are getting this diamond for have an idea about the size of the diamond that will be needed for the occasion.

Spending: The cost of this special purchase may be your biggest factor.

Sparkle: Now to the visual part. What makes a diamond sparkle? Look at a good diamond and it will glitter like the Fourth of July. This is determined by the cut.

Security: Do you feel secure buying a diamond from this merchant?


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