My Diamond Advice -

1. Buy your diamond and your setting separately. In this way you can compare diamond prices with diamond prices and settings with settings.

2. If you want a custom setting, buy the diamond online and have a local jeweler do the setting
and mounting. This will save you more money than buying both the diamond and setting locally.

3. Go to a jewelry store and look at the diamonds. Decide what size you want and what shape. Next have them show you some of their best diamonds next to their worst. This way you can get an idea of how quality differs from diamond to diamond. Finally write down some of the prices of the diamonds and their color, cut and clarity values. Now you can compare with online prices.

4. Read the rest of my web site for more diamond information to help you make an educated choice.

5. Go to Where To Buy and compare prices, then order a diamond.

6. In couple of days you will have a package at your doorstep containing a beautiful wooden box with the nicest diamond you have ever seen. You will also feel great when you take it into the jeweler to get it mounted and you tell him how much you paid for it.

7. Give it to your loved one with pride. Every time you see it you will have a sense of knowing
that you got the best diamond for the best price. I know I do. When guys brag about paying $8000 for a diamond you won't be impressed you will just think "You got ripped off"