Why This Site is Ad and banner free

When I set out to create this website I had one goal: To create a website that offers you the best advice I could find about where to buy a diamond and what to look for.

Many websites now include built-in ads like Google's Adsense. These are an improvement from the old days of banner ads because they are specific to the topic of the webpage.

If I included Google Ads on my page they would no doubt include ads for other diamond stores. Which is good because I don't want ads on my page about dog food.

The problem arises in the fact that I have no control over what companies are advertised on my page. I have seen many of the companies that advertise with these ads and they are companies that I do not feel comfortable sending you to to buy something very expensive and sentimental.

Then why does anyone put them on their page? MONEY

I would get a certain amount of money from those companies every time you click on their ads on my page. Which would be good for me but that is not what the goal of this website is. If I wanted to make money on ads I would put banners and 6 block ads on every page and then try and trick you into clicking on an ad.

Not my style.