James Allen offers its customers a great selection of shopping tools at a great price.

When shopping for diamonds online it can be hard to feel secure in spending a lot of money on something you haven't seen. James Allen helps to solve this problem by offering you two great tools: 3HD gallery and virtual loupe.

3HD gallery allows you to look at diamond settings like never before. You will be able to see a movie of the setting up close and from all angles. After looking at few settings in the 3HD gallery I felt I had a very good idea of what the setting would look like when it arrived at my door step.

They also offer their customers a virtual loupe image of most of the diamonds they sell. This is an actual close-up image of the exact diamond you are buying. The virtual loop is also an excellent way to learn about the clarity ratings on diamonds. If you want to see the actual difference between a VVS2 and an SI2 just pick two different diamonds of that rating and look at the images. You will quickly see the difference.