Don't buy diamonds at the mall. Save time and money by shopping online.

If you have been searching for awhile or are just getting started let me help you find the diamond that fits your needs. Since most people don't buy diamonds very often they can be taken advantage of by their lack of knowledge about the diamond industry. This site will help you avoid some of the costly mistakes that can be made and also help you to understand what factors to consider when purchasing a diamond.

One of the easiest ways to shop for diamond jewelry is on the internet. The internet allows you to shop without having to ask to see what is behind the glass. Buying diamonds online provides an excellent opportunity. Online diamond stores offer their customer's Security, Selection and Savings. Before you buy make sure you know what you are looking for. Education is the single most important factor when buy a diamond. If you educate yourself about buying diamonds you will feel comfortable and confident when it comes to making a purchase.

Are people really buying diamonds online?

YES! One of these sites is doing over 348 million dollars in sales a year and has grown to be the second largest buyer of certified diamonds in the United States. Read Why buy online. Though diamond sales have slipped slightly this year because of the debate between moissanite vs diamond, you will find out that buying diamonds online is still gaining in popularity because of the great experiences shoppers are having at online stores.

Please take five minutes to surf around and learn about buying online versus a retail store. You will be glad you did.

Education is the key to understanding the process of selecting and purchasing a diamond that you or your loved one will cherish forever.

Not sure what diamond you should buy? Read about the 5 "S"s not "C"s to make choosing a diamond as easy as possible.

If you are looking to save as much money as possible on your purchase you might want to read about used diamonds and diamond scams. These pages will inform you on what to watch for in the diamond buying purchase.